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Which Wine Savvy Are You?

Board room to dining room.
You aim to impress.

You understand that the world of business often takes place outside of the office and many times, around a dinner table. You seek the knowledge to "close the deal" and understand that having a basic knowledge of wine is an extension of your working skill set. Being able to speak intelligently with your Sommelier and being able to order for the table are not small factors; they can play a large role in the outcome of how you are perceived by the client.


Your work is never done.

You don't have the time to properly train your front-of-house staff as to the wines you offer, the words to describe them for customers, and basic food and wine pairings. You would love for there to be more hours in the day, but know you should hire someone else to educate your crew, quickly and efficiently, based on your inventory. A win-win for you, your restaurant family, and your patrons.

Curious but Intimidated.

You like wine but . . .

All you really know about wine is that it is red, white, and it smells like wine! You secretly want to have the confidence to use the "vino lingo" to buy a different bottle in the store, one that does not have a cute critter on the label (the one you always buy) but you can't bring yourself to ask any questions. You see wine as intimidating, elitist, and stuffy. BUT, you see an opportunity to gather friends in your home or place of business for a wonderfully FUN, unpretentious class with a woman who does not have a single snobby bone in her body. Everyone will learn a little something in a short amount of time and after class, you are ready to tackle any grape situation. You will learn what you like, what you don't like, WHY, and the words to describe it! Oh, and of course, you like drinking wine. Consider it a prerequisite.

How It Works

My process is very simple. We discuss your goals and who the audience will be. I then select the wines based on this information and your budgetary needs. We taste through 3 whites and 3 reds and, in less than one hour, you will have the "wine speak" to navigate any wine situation. Classes are dedicated to making this very complex little grape into a lively chat about what wine really is: farming, travel, history, cultures and tastes. Understanding your own personal preferences in wine is so important. But I don't believe in pretension. I believe in empowering people with the information they need to travel the world through a bottle of wine. That is exactly what wine is: your passport to see the world. 


Leaving your "wine blinders" on and not experiencing all the tastes and styles of wine in the world is like turning down a first class, round trip ticket to anywhere. And no one would do that!


I look forward to traveling with you.

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