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Wine Savvy Class “Menu”:

Wine Savvy 101: 
The most requested class and a wonderful base from which to build future classes. 

Rosé All Day: 
Class featuring both still and sparkling rosé wines from all over the world.

Featuring bubbly only (all styles of sparkling wines from all over the world).

Terroir (location, location, location):
Exploring how the same grape can express itself differently depending on where it is grown.

Blind Tasting:
Playing upon preconceived notions and price points as well as becoming a discerning wine taster.

Country Specific (example Italy):
We delve into the history and wines of one particular country or region of the world.

Off The Beaten Path:
Discovering wines/countries that are still somewhat off the radar but are bringing tremendous quality and value.

Food & Wine Pairing:
Learning the basic concepts for matching food & wine with small tapas style courses.

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