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Sagrantino: Your Clutch Player Of 2020.

This year has been a test of endurance and faith (at least for me). And now, here we are in the "embers": (September, October, November, December).

For my fellow athletes, it's like we are in the last quarter of the championship game. We're exhausted and totally beaten up, but we have to dig deep and find strength to carry us through to the end. My hope in this scenario is that we can all be a little more like a bottle of Montefalco Sagrantino.

Let me explain.

Sagrantino is a no-nonsense red grape from the Italian wine region of Umbria, located in central Italy (just south and east of Tuscany). Its location is as unique as the grape itself because it is the only Italian province that does not share a border with another country or the ocean. And this grape came to play. Its high tannins and acidity give this wine a backbone and a structure that can help it age for decades. If anyone reading this loves Barolo, Montefalco Sagrantino will deliver on many of the same notes, just at a much, much friendlier price point. You're welcome.

There is something very earthy about if you were standing in a pile of leaves in the woods after a light rain. It also brings loads of dark fruits like blackberries and plums and has a smokiness that layers with herbs like sage. This is the wine for fall and falling temps, sweaters and fireplaces. This is the wine for meat-based soups and stews and anything with mushrooms. It will warm you from the very first sip, which I would recommend taking after letting it breathe for a very good amount of time. This wine comes out swinging.

Sagrantino has an added strength in that it contains the most heart-healthy polyphenols (antioxidants) of any red wine on earth, so if you can't get to the gym to lift weights, you can lift a glass of this to your mouth. Again, you're welcome.

As the clock ticks down in these last months of 2020, my hope for you is that you find whatever it is that helps keep you going.

Good friends, good food, and good wine are the ultimate pairing.

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